We are proud to present our high level circus act that will inspire you. We already performed in many countries around the world. Our Russian Bar act is perfect for events of all kind like: Sport event, Corporate event, Tv show, Circus show, Festival and Cabaret. You are welcome to follow us on Facebook.


Trois-Riviere Summer 2019

Joyeux Calvaire
Cirque du Soleil
Spectacle hommage au Coboys Fringants

Astana Kasakhstan Summer 2017

Cirque du Soleil Show for 2017 Universal Exibition in Astana Kasakhstan. Here is a little sneek preview of the premiere and the Motor bike Work shop in Montreal.

Hong Kong, December 2016

New years eve countdown 2016 at the New Town Plaze, Hong Kong

Los Angeles March 2016

America's got Talent
For the second time, We participeted to the TV show America'S got talent season 11. Simon Cowell and all the judges enjoy our performance and Invit us for the next round

Sanduski OH Fall 2013-2016

Les Productions Haut-Vol

Halloween show Cedar Point Park Sanduski OH


Canada Wonderland Park, Halloween show

Germany, December 2015

In december 2015 we did the top 10 finalist to the germain tv show Das Super Talent.

Louisville KY, November 2011

The skillvill group developped a new logo for their baseball market.

Milan, March 2011

On March 2011, we establish e new world guiness record. We did 39 consecutive back flip on the bar wightout stoping more then 5 sec. we did it in about 3 minutes. The record have been set in italy. We invite you to brake it.

Istambul. September 2010

fiba In september 2010, we perform 10 half time shows for the quarter finals and finals of the world basketball championship 2010 in Turkey.

Toronto, August 2010

Toronto Busker Festival

We recently won the "Metro People's choice award" to the Toronto Busker fest 2010. There was 50 different buskers acts and we have been vote best act by Toronto's peoples.

Thanks to all our fans.

Montreal, July 2010

La vie est un cirque On April 6th, 2010, we performed for a TV show called "La vie est un cirque" on TV5.ca. The serie present circus performers and their art. We will be on air on Sunday august 1st 2010 at 8 pm. You are more than welcome to look at the serie starting on sunday july 17th at 8 pm.

Chicago, Febuary 2010


Oprah Show

We have been invited to participate to Oprah special show on febuary 17th 2010. We might be on air soon. Live performance

Los Angeles, May 2009

Ellen Degeneres Show

Ellen Show
Ellen Show
On May 17th we got the chance to be invited to the special summer outdoor show animated by Ellen Degeneres.

Orlando, April 2009


NBA Playoff Final 2009

We have been invited to do the final Half time performance of the 2009 NBA final playoff match, Orlando Magics vs Los angeles Lakers to Orlando Amway center, where the lakers won the 2009 championship.

New York, June 2008

We are now participating to the 3rd season of America's got talent. The first episode start this Tuesday june 17th. You are welcome to follow our journey on NBC.

"This is definitely the most amazing act I've seen in the two years I've been doing this show ..." Jerry Springer, NBC, June 24th 2008

Paris, December 2007

Incroyable Talent We just get back from Paris where was "Incroyable Talent" finally. Junior a French break dancer, won the 150 000 Euro price. We did a great performance but it wasn't enough for the french tele-viewers. We finish in the top 3 of the judge Gilbert Rozon. It's very positive for our futur.

Paris, November 2007

Hello everyone, There is somes news we want to share with you.

We are now participating to a TV show on M6 France call: "Incroyable Talent". That's the french version of "America got talent". We already being selected by judges on first round. We invite you to follow us true "Imcroyable talent" web site. We will be part of the next episode on december 4th. We welcome you to suport us. The video of our performance should be avialable on the nest day on their web site. May be we will be part of the finally on december 11th. The winners will get 150 000 Euro.

For this TV show, we went true a creation process, and we create 2 new version of our act. Video should be avialable soon on our web site. We will soonly be able to offer you thoes 2 new act concepts.